FuzyPro 1/16 DIN Fuzzy Logic Limit Alarm Controller Model 6700

1/16 DIN, Limit Alarm Controller, Fuzzy Logic, FuzyPro, Model 6700The FuzyPro 1/16 DIN fuzzy logic limit alarm controller model 6700 provides a programmable safety cut out with optional outputs for annunciators and alarms. A latched relay cuts power to the process if it exceeds the safe value. The unit must be reset before the process can continue.


1/16 DIN Fuzzy Logic Limit Alarm Controller Features:

  • Soft start ambient to set point/ramping set point and pretune

  • Heater break alarm or heater loss alarm % indication option

  • Optional heater or deviation buzzer for fault conditions

  • Various temperature sensors inputs RTD or thermocouple 0.1 deg

  • mVolts or mAmps input - 1999 to 9999 decimal as required

  • Programmable controller option 4 recipes

  • 16 steps ramp soak

  • Continuous auto tuning for tighter control at all temperatures


1/16 DIN Fuzzy Logic Limit Alarm Controller Specifications:

  • High current large meters 10 or 20 Amps

  • SCR control 0.5 sec cycle time

  • 24 VDC, 120, 208, 240 Volts

  • 1 phase operation

  • Percentage power control 0 to 100% from front panel

  • Heater current indecation in 1 Amp or 0.1 Amp resolution


FuzyPro 6700 Brochure


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