MOD-MUX MODBUS Multiplexing I/O System

MOD-MUX, MODBUS, Multiplexing, I/O, SystemMOD-MUX is an innovative modular Multiplexing I/O System which provides a simple low cost solution for distributed I/O requirements. MOD-MUX Multiplexing I/O System consists of stand-alone Digital and Analog Input and Output modules which are connected together on a RS485 two wire multi-drop network using the MODBUS protocol. Two baud rates are selectable, 9600 and 19200 baud. Typical response times are under 50ms. All MOD-MUX Multiplexing I/O System modules plug into industry standard DIN rail mount 11 pin relay bases. MOD-MUX Multiplexing I/O System modules have a minimum isolation of 1000VAC rms between the field and logic. There are a number of configurations in which the MOD-MUX Multiplexing I/O System modules may be used in a system.

MOD-MUX Brochure


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