Radiant Heaters: Ceramic Radiant Heaters

Radiant Heaters, Ceramic Radiant HeatersRadiant heaters are available in a variety of constructions like hard ceramics to quartz to tubular elements with reflectors. Radiant heaters are capable of transmitting radiant energy from low to medium wavelengths.


Radiant heaters are available in a number of housings and can be supplied with or without reflectors.


Ceramic radiant heaters also come with an ability for failure detection. This is an option where the heater is a different color in the off state compared to the on state. Quartz tubes are also available with quick disconnects or with threaded terminals. Miniature quartz heaters and rugged tubular elements with extruded aluminum reflectors are highly efficient radiant elements that offer quick solutions to heating problems.


Radiant Heaters, Ceramic Radiant HeatersRadiant Heaters Features:

  • Available in various wavelengths

  • High efficiency heat transfer quick heat up and cool down times

  • Various shapes for different applications

  • Reflector coverage determines radiant field

  • Direction and width of radiant energy can be controlled

  • Large variety of elements available


Radiant Heaters Specifications Design Capabilities:

  • Voltages - 120, 240, 480, 575, 600 Watt densities

  • Densities - Tubular 40, Quartz 40, Ceramic 30 watts/in2

  • Panel sizes - Most sizes are possible with modular or hard ceramic

  • Sensors - J, K, T, R, S, Thermocouples RTD, Non contact infrared

  • Zoning - As required consult HCS

  • Thermowell - Bayonet fitting

  • Termination - Terminal boxes, Hi temperature or braided leads

  • Mounting Studs - As required in various locations

  • Case - Aluminized steel or stainless temperature dependent

  • Insulation - Rigid fiber board


Radiant Heaters



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