Multi-Range Multifunction Timer

Multi-Range Multifunction Timer

Multi-Range, Multifunction, TimerMulti-Range Timer Model 651 is a microprocessor-based device capable of performing four different timing modes over three different timing ranges. The timing ranges allow for delays from,100 milliseconds to 99 hours 59 minutes.

Multi-Range Timer Model 651 timing modes and ranges are selected using DIP assembly located on the inside of the timer. The time setting is entered through the front panel keypad while the time value is displayed on the LCD readout.

Multi-Range Timer Model 651 keypad can be disabled to guard against accidental time changes.

Multi-Range Timer Model 651 is housed in a standard 12-terminal plug-in round case and can directly replace most existing electromechanical or electronic plug-in round case timers. A totally sealed face plate allows this timer to be used in harsh environments. Both instantaneous and timed contacts are provided and Model 651 timers are available for operation on either 120 Vac or 240 Vac.

Multi-Range Timer Features:

  • Four Timing Modes · Three Time Ranges

  • Direct Replacement for Electromechanical Timers

  • Simple Keypad Time Setting · Sealed Face Plates

  • Keypad Lockout of Time Setting

  • Data Retention with NICAD Battery/EEPROM

  • Self Diagnostic Circuitry

  • Easy Programming

Multi-Range Timer Specifications:

  • Timing Ranges - 0.1 Sec - 999.9 1 Sec - 99 min, 59 Sec 1 min - 99 hrs 59 min

  • Timing Modes - On Delay Reverse Start, Momentary Start, Off, Delay, Repeat Cycle Accumulator, Interval, Repeat Pulse

  • Time Setting - Front Key Panel

  • Time Repeat Accuracy - +/- 0.01 Sec

  • Reset Time - 100 Milliseconds

  • Control Voltage Initiate - 80 Milliseconds

  • Memory - CMOS RAM, EEPROM or NICAD Battery Backed up

  • Operating Power - 120 or 240 VAC Specify 2.8 VA Consumption

  • Instant Relay Output - 6 Amps Resistive 240 V 2 NO 1 NC Contacts

  • Timed Relay Output - 6 amps Resistive 240 V 1 NO 2 NC Contacts

  • Relay Mech Life - 20,000,000 Operations

  • Display - LCD 4 Digit 7/16" High

  • Termination - Screw Terminals

  • Mounting - Plug in Case

  • Protection - 1 /16 Amp Fuse

  • Voltage Protection - Metal Oxide Varistor

  • Operating Temperature - 0 to 60 degrees C

  • NEMA Rating - NEMA 12

  • Approvals - UL & CSA File No LR29468-5


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