Barnant Temperature Controllers

Barnant Temperature Controllers

  • Direct plug-in of heating devices

  • Adjustable over-temperature and loop break cutoff give fail-safe operation

  • 3 control modes: on/off, autotune PID, programmable PID

  • Field calibration offset compensates for probe error

  • Deluxe Model features ramp & soak profiles and RS-232 communications for computer control of system parameters, FREE software included

Barnant Temperature ControllersUse our new Temperature Controllers for a wide variety of temperature control applications. Choose from standard or deluxe models. Both controller models provide excellent control accuracy and power capabilities, making them ideal for pilot process plants, R & D labs or OEM requirements. Use as a benchtop controller or panel mount with the optional panel mount kit, sold separately.

Temperature Controllers both models accept; J, K, T, E, N, B, R or S thermocouple types with miniconnectors. Deluxe model also accepts 400 & 700 series thermistor probes with 1/4", phono plug or RTD probes with 3-pin connectors, adapters available upon request.

Features - Rear panel output receptacle for direct plug-in of heaters and other devices. Field Calibration - improve system accuracy by entering offset value to correct for individual probe error. View set-up and operational parameters on two line alphanumeric display for easy programming. Temperature Scales - °C, °F, K (Kelvin), °R (Rankine) or Reaumur. Non-volatile memory stores set-up parameters, if power is lost parameters are saved.

Alarms - Fully Programmable; choose from alarms off, manual reset (via front panel push button) or automatic reset. Set either a High, Low or a High/Low process alarm; or a deviation alarm as a High, Low, High/Low or Band. All alarms feature adjustable hysteresis and an audible alarm option. Deluxe model includes SPDT alarm relay.

Safety Features - Output power to load device automatically shuts down in the event of a broken sensor or control loop break. Over Temperature Protection shuts down the system if OTP setpoint is exceeded. Output power receptacle is fused separately for added safety.

Standard Temperature Controllers have a 115/230 VAC, 10A (1150-2300 watts) max heater output. Select from three control modes: On/Off, Autotune for standard PID applications or Programmable PID for non-standard PID applications. Front Panel LEDs indicate status of output alarms.

Deluxe Temperature Controllers have all the features of the standard controller plus: higher heater output capacity of 115/230 VAC, 15A (1 725/3450 watts) max, program up to nine ramp and soak profiles for more complicated processes, bidirectional RS-232 computer interface with selectable baud rates (300 to 9600), A WINDOWS® software program (system requirements are 386 computer or better, WINDOWS 3.1 or later, EGA, VGA, or compatible monitor). Deluxe model also features an isolated 4-20 mA output, scalable for positive or negative slope, 250 ohm resistor is included for conversion to a 1- 5 V output signal, output connector included.

Both 115 VAC Temperature Controllers come with a 6-ft power cord. 230 VAC models include European style power cord set and power output connector. NEMA and country specific 230 VAC cord sets are available upon request.

Probes not included, order separately.

Temperature ranges:

  • E: (-328 to 1832°F) -200 to 1000°C   

  • J: (-374 to 1832°F) -190 to 1000°C   

  • K: (-328 to 2502°F) -200 to 1372°C   

  • N: (-328 to 2372°F) -200 to 1300°C   

  • T: (-328 to 152°F) -200 to 400°C   

  • B: (392 to 3272°F) +200 to 1800°C   

  • R: (32 to 3214°F) 0 to 1768°C   

  • S: (32 to 3214°F) 0 to 1768°C   

400 series thermistor†: (32 to 212°F) 0 to 100°C   

700 series thermistor†: (32 to 212°F) 0 to 100°C   

100W Pt RTD†: (328 to 1562°F) -200 to 850°C

Temperature resolution: 0.1°; 1° above 999.9°

Temperature accuracy:   

  • type J,K,T,E and N: above -100°C (-148°F):±0.1% reading, ±0.4°C (±0.7°F)   below -100°C (-148°F):±1°C (1.8°F)

  • type R,S, and B: ±0.1% reading, ±1°C (1.8°F)   

Thermistor and RTD: ±0.1% reading, ±0.4°C (±0.7°F)

Display: vacuum fluorescent, two lines, 16 character alphanumerics, 3/16" H each

Control type: on/off, programmable PID, autotune PID

Control output:   

Standard models: powered receptacle rated for 115/230 VAC, 10 A max   (1150/2300 watts) resistive load  

Deluxe models: powered receptacle rated for 115/230 VAC, 15 A max   (1725/3450 watts) resistive load

Alarm output (deluxe models only): one SPDT relay rated for 230 VAC, 2 A max: resistive

Recorder output (deluxe models only): 4-20 mA or 20-4 mA, selectable

Digital output (deluxe models only): isolated RS-232

Operating ambient: 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C); 0 to 90% RH, non-condensating

Dimensions: 7.3"W x 3.7"H x 10.0"D (185 mm x 94 mm x 254 mm)

Shpg wt: 6.0 lbs (2.8 kg)

†Deluxe models only

Temperature Controller Ordering Information:

Cat. no.
Controller type
Control output
Control type
Recorder output
Power (50/60 HZ)
115 VAC, 10 A
On/off, Programmable PID, Autotune PID
115 VAC
230 VAC, 10 A
On/off, Programmable PID, Autotune PID
230 VAC
115 VAC, 15 A
On/off, Programmable PID, Autotune PID
Yes; 16 segments
Yes; 300-9600 baud
4-20/20-4 mA, selectable
115 VAC
230 VAC, 15 A
On/off, Programmable PID, Autotune PID
Yes; 16 segments
Yes; 300-9600 baud
4-20/20-4 mA, selectable
230 VAC


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