Industrial Thermocouples & RTD Assemblies

Industrial Thermocouples, RTD AssembliesIndustrial Thermocouples and RTD Assemblies are manufactured using high quality contamination and chemical resistant mineral insulated RTD and thermocouple cable. Industrial Thermocouples and RTD Assemblies have higher temperature capabilities up to (3000ºF) and insure trouble free operation where with minimum failure. Industrial Thermocouples and RTD Assemblies can be manufactured with a single sensor, dual or multipoint sensors and in various diameters from .010" to 1.125" in diameter with a large variety of termination's like explosion proof heads, FDA (food) Terminal Head or with leads and plugs. Most designs can be made for more information consult HCS.


Industrial Thermocouples and RTD Assemblies Features:

  • Mineral insulated assemblies

  • High pressure rated

  • Thermocouple or RTD calibrations

  • High Temperature rated and thermal shock resistant

  • Explosion proof, moisture and chemical resistant

  • High quality control using ASTM and ANSI standard testing

  • High performance sheath materials and design capabilities


Industrial Thermocouples and RTD Assemblies Specifications & Design Capabilities:

Calibration Types: .J, K, T, N, E, R, S, B RTD

Diameters: Minimum .010" to 1.250" or more

Length: 125" minimum maximum consult HCS

Leads: Stainless Braid, SS Armour, PVC, Fiberglass

Junctions: Grounded, Ungrounded, Exposed, Dual Isolated, Multipoint common, isolated or spaced, Dual grounded or dual exposed isolated

Termination Heads: Explosion Resistant, Moisture/Chemical resistant, FDA (food), Polypropylene, Aluminum, thermosetting Plastic Bare leads, Spade Lugs, Standard Male Plug, Standard Female Jack, Miniature Plugs, Jacks

Right angled: with or without protection tubes

Styles: Bare wire, Nipple Union Nipple, Leads, head Process fittings, Twell fittings, flanged magnetic, Spring loaded, Flexible

To order specify application, max temperature, max pressure and style along with diameter length and termination.


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