Recirculation Heaters For Liquids And Gases

Recirculation Heaters For Liquids And Gases

Recirculation Heaters, Heaters, Controls And SensorsRecirculation Heaters are ideal for heating oils, acids, asphalt, beer, chocolate, fatty acids, gases, de-ionized water, steam superheating, cleaning and electro-plating solutions.

Recirculation Heaters are flanged or screw plug heaters that are mounted in a pressurized vessel, and are a complete unit for heating flowing gases or liquids.

Compact and highly efficient heaters are ideal for side arm or inline applications in either natural circulation or forced/pumped systems. The wide variety of options make circulation heaters suitable for most applications like heating fuel oil, air, steam superheating, corrosive gases & liquids, water and or delicate liquids like brewers grain for beer.

Recirculation Heaters Features:

  • High efficiency heat transfer

  • Pressure ratings to 600 lbs

  • ANSI Standard NPT or ANSI Class 150 connections

  • Heaters could be screwplug or flanged

  • Stainless steel construction with Canadian Vessel Registration

  • Various housing options available NEMA 4, 4X, explosion proof

  • Suitable for steam, oils, chemicals, gases, corrosive solutions

Recirculation Heaters Applications:

  • Heat Transfer Oils - Molding dies and platens, closed loop heat transfer systems for heat sensitive materials

  • Fuel Oil Heating - Pre-heating for delivery to burners, pre-heating to pumping viscosity

  • Water - Dishwashing and rinsing, hot water storage tanks, process water, jacketed kettles

  • Air, Gases, Steam - Process air, boosting temperatures of gases, steam superheating

Recirculation Heaters Options:

  • Special rating or size

  • Moisture resistant/explosion resistant terminal enclosure

  • Flexitallic gasket

  • Mighty-Blade elements in some sizes

  • flanges on inlet and outlet on certain sizes

  • Stainless steel heating chamber

  • 300 lb. or 600 lb. heating chamber and flange construction

  • Baffles in chamber to increase material velocity

  • High temperature insulation (over 500ºF application temperatures)

  • Stand-off terminal enclosures to locate the termination from the flange surface on higher temperature processes (over 500ºF)

  • Thermostat on Series 8 and larger units

  • T2R Thermostat with manual reset over-temperature cut-out

  • Thermocouple mounted near outlet for precise process control and/or welded to element sheath for high-limit protection

  • Passivation of wetted parts

  • Weatherproof outer jacket

  • Solid State Controls/Control Panels

  • ASME Certification

Recirculation Heaters Specifications/Design Capabilities:

  • Voltages
    - 120 to 600 Volts

  • Inlet/outlet
    - NPT or Flange NPT 1 /2" to 2 1/2“, 3“
    - Flanges 2" to 14" 16" to 24"

  • Heater
    - mount as required Vertical Or horizontal

  • Wattage's
    - Varied from 150 watts to 1 Megawatt

  • Sheath Materials
    - Titanium,
    - Monel,
    - Incoloy
    - 316/304 Stainless Steel
    - Copper
    - Carbon Steel

  • Max Temperatures
    - Incoloy 1600ºF (870 C)
    - 304 / 316 Stainless Steel 1200ºF (650ºC)
    - Steel 750ºF (400ºC)
    - Copper 350ºF (175ºC)

  • Pressure Rating
    - 150 Ibs
    - 300 Ibs
    - 600 Ibs

  • Flange Materials
    - Standard Carbon Steel or
    - 316/304 Stainless

  • Gaskets
    - Rubber
    - Asbestos Free
    - Spiral Wound Terminal

  • Enclosures
    - General Purpose (NEMA 1 )
    - Moisture Resistant (NEMA 4)
    - Corrosion Resistant (NEMA 4X)
    - Explosion Resistant (NEMA 7)
    - Explosion Moisture Resistant (NEMA 7/4)

  • Temperature control
    - Thermocouple, RTD, or Thermostat

  • High Limit
    - High Limit Thermocouple, High Limit Thermostat,

  • Certification
    - ASME, CRR, Heater & Vessel certification


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