FuzyPro 6100 1/16 DIN Process Controller

FuzyPro 6100, 1/16 DIN, Process ControllerWith its improved interface, technical functionality and field flexibility, the FUZYPRO 6100 gives you the best in comprehensive control for most temperature and process control loops.

  • Jumperless Configuration

  • Auto Detected Hardware

  • Process & Loop Alarms

  • Modbus & ASCII Comms

  • Auto or Manual Tuning

  • Heat/Cool Operation

  • Ramping Setpoint

  • Remote/Dual Setpoint Options


Control Types:

Full PID with Pre-tune, Self-tune, manual tuning, or On-Off control. Heat only or heat & cool.


Selectable from front panel or via digital input, with bumpless transfer.

Output Configuration:

Up to 3 possible, for control, alarm, 24VDC transmitter power supply or retransmit of process value or setpoint.

Alarm 1 & 2 Types

Process high, process low, SP deviation, band, logical OR / AND. Also 1 loop alarm for process control security. Process alarms have adjustable hysteresis.

Human Interface:

4 button operation, dual 4 digit 10mm & 8mm high LED displays, optional choice of colours (Red/Red, Red/Green, Green/Red or Green/Green), plus 5 LED indicators.

PC Configuration:

Off-line configuration from PC serial port to dedicated config socket (comms option not required). Configuration Software for Windows 98 or higher. Part Number: PS1-CON



FuzyPro 6100 Product Specification Sheet



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