Immersion Heaters: Over-the Side Immersion Heaters

Over-the Side Immersion Heaters,Over-the Side,Immersion,Heaters,Tank,InstallationOver-the-side immersion heaters are designed for installation in the top of the tank with the heated portion directly immersed along the side or at the bottom. They take up little space, eliminate the need for tank penetrations, are easily removed for service, and provide ample working space inside the tank. Custom configured elements evenly distribute heat by direct contact in numerous applications, including acid and alkali solutions


Over-the-side immersion heaters tubular elements are designed for installation from the top of tanks where through-the-wall heaters cannot be installed. They are available in many configurations, with partially unheated sections, thermostats, washdown ox corrosion resistant enclosures.


Over-the-side immersion heaters can be manufactured with different sheath materials like 316 SS, Titanium, Copper, Steel, Incoloy, Teflon Coated or Ouartz for acids. They can be made in various shapes and sizes and are normally designed for particular applications, however certain sizes are also available from stock.


Over-the Side, Immersion HeatersOver The Side Immersion Heaters Features:

  • Portable and easily removable

  • Lightweight in construction

  • Variety of shapes available "Z", "0", "L" inverted "T", "M"

  • Immersed along the side or the bottom of tank

  • Self contained with built in thermostat or temperature sensors

  • NEMA 4/4X enclosures for moisture protection

  • Sheath materials for corrosive liquids, acids, caustic etc.

Over The Side Immersion Heaters Specifications:

  • Voltages - 120, 208, 240, 377, 480, 575, 600 volts

  • Phase - Single and three phase

  • Enclosures - NEMA 12
                       - NEMA 4
                       - NEMA 4X
                       - NEMA 7
                       - NEMA 7/4

  • Wattage's - 1 to 50 Kilowatts

  • Watt Densities - 7 to 60 watts/inch

  • Passivation - Provided for critical applications

  • Sludge Legs - Available 4" normal height

  • Sensors - Thermostats, RTDs, Thermocouples

  • Hi Limit - Thermocouple, Bulb & capillary

  • Multiple Circuits - Possible with certain designs

  • Materials - Copper
                     - Incoloy
                     - 304/316 Stainless Steel
                     - Titanium Teflon Coated
                     - Steel


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