Exergen IRt/c Non-Contact Temperature Sensors

Exergen IRt/c Non-Contact Temperature Sensors

Exergen IRt/c™ Non-Contact Temperature Sensors can push production line performance to record highs, with blazingly fast set-up and top production speed. IRt/c Non-Contact Temperature Sensors measure the actual temperature and thermal signature of every product on the line with unprecedented speed and accuracy. That means reduced set-up time, less scrap, higher product quality, increased throughput - and greater profitability, whatever the product or process.

Exergen IRt/c Non-Contact Temperature Sensors come hermetically sealed in a range of sizes and configurations for every imaginable application. They are designed for years of trouble-free operation in a wide variety of the toughest environments. In fact, IRt/c Non-Contact Temperature Sensors are so rugged, professional auto racing teams use them to measure critical temperature variables during competition. IRt/c's need no power supply and can be connected to standard thermocouple devices to give an instant boost in start-up speed.

Superior to conventional temperature measuring devices in both accuracy and capabilities, Exergen IRt/c Non-Contact Temperature Sensors technology is the new solution for the toughest production problems in a wide variety of industries.

Exergen offers system solutions and technical application support for any thermal process requiring temperature measurement or control. More than 300 models of non-contact infrared sensors are available to provide accurate, reliable, and cost effective temperature measurements and control for your most demanding applications.

Models include:

  • Standard IRt/c infrared thermo-couple models, (J, K, T, E, R, S) with target temperature ranges from -50 to 5000ºF; 12 fields-of-view from 1:1 to 100:1; minimum spot size 1mm; focused spot sizes of 4, 6, 8, or 12mm; low/high emissivity models for metal/non-metal targets; adjustable linearity models; size from 1.28 (32.5mm) long/0.5" (12.7mm) diameter. Various cooling, air purge, right-angle sensor options available. Meets all NEMA standards.

  • Handheld Microscanner models for accurate scanning of electrical equipment and NIST-traceable surface temperature calibration are a must for ISO 9001, 9002, 9003 programs.

  • SnakeEyeTM Sensor for production line quality inspection of thermal processes/thermal signatures at speeds of up to 1000 ft. per minute.

PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION: The self-generated IRt/c output matches a conventional t/c within specific temperatures close to the calibration point. The IRt/c also features ambient temperature compensation, true accuracy is held with changes in ambient temperature, at temperatures close to the calibration point.

mV OUTPUT CURVES COMPARED TO CONVENTIONAL t/c's: The IRt/c mV signal output matches a t/c at it's calibration point, and it is 2% linear at temperatures close to that point. The IRt/c signals are repeatable and predictable, see the comparison of the IRt/c and conventional t/c curves.


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