Industrial Electrically Heated Hose

Heated HoseElectrically heated hose from Heaters Controls And Sensors Ltd., is manufactured with high quality Teflon hose that are FDA and CSA approved. Electrically heated hose has a smooth Teflon Core which is electrically heated for continuous operation to high temperatures of 450ºF (232ºC).


Electrically heated hose is designed for optimum transfer of non-explosive liquids or gases and is extremely flexible and can be operated in continuous movement conditions. The heater elements are made of nickel alloy wire.


Industrial electrically heated hose is available in various voltages in single phase and with temperature sensors like Thermocouples or RTD depending on the application.


Heated HoseIndustrial Electrically Heated Hose Features:

  • High temperature

  • High pressure

  • Thermal insulation

  • Teflon core flexible hose

  • FDA approved hose

  • Water resistant

  • Built in temp sensor

  • Various voltages


Industrial Electrically Heated Hose Applications:

  • Hot Melt Systems

  • Petroleum Products

  • Food Products

  • Hot Oil Lines

  • Chemical Transfer

  • Gas Analyzer Systems

  • Steam Transfer

  • Water & Waste Disposal

  • Bulk Transfer

  • Paint Systems

  • Tar & Asphalt

  • Waxes – Candle Making

  • Adhesives


Industrial Electrically Heated Hose Specifications:

  • Core Material - Teflon/PVC as required

  • Power- Single Phase 120, 240, 480, other on request


Heated Hose


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