Multipoint Level Sensors

Multipoint,Level,SensorsThese Multipoint level sensors are ideal for liquids that are corrosive as all wetted parts are made of stainless. Units can be made of various materials depending on the environment that the sensor will be used in. The vertically mounted multi-level FLS switches are individually designed for your application from over 360 possible combinations of floats, mounts, and material options. With up to five independent switch points, the FLS is a versatile, compact and economical way to monitor multiple liquid level points within a single tank.


With only a single entry, the FLS can track changing levels within the tank as well as monitoring liquid interfaces of dissimilar liquids in a single tank like oil water separations, chemical emulsions or condensation levels. These sensors can also be equipped with thermostatic switches to provide level and temperature control in a single device.


Measurement Principle: Hermetically sealed reed switches are actuated by a magnet inside the floats. As the floats rise and fall, the magnetic field passing the switches within the stem causes the switches to either close or open.


  • Small size, single entry

  • Thousands of material and mounting combinations

  • Up to 5 independent switch points

  • Good for monitoring dissimilar liquids

  • Integrated temperatures sensors available

  • Excellent chemical resistance





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