REX-Century Series PID Temperature Controllers From RKC Instrument

REX, Century, Series, PID, Temperature, Controllers, RKC, InstrumentThe REX Century series are the high performance PID temperature controllers with Heat/cool control and two alarms including heater break alarm and loop break alarm are available. The REX Century series is available in five DIN sizes from 1/16 DIN to 1/4 DIN.


  • Heat/Cool PID action

  • Loop break alarm

  • Heater break alarm

  • UL recognized [File No.E82331] (Except REX-C700)

  • CSA certified [File No.LR46566] (Except REX-C700)

The heat/cool PID temperature controller has heat and cool outputs for use where process-generated heat exists. The controller allows the input of overlap or deadband settings which can contribute to energy savings.



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