Real Time Data Acquisition And Control

Real Time Data Acquisition And Control Features:

  • Real Time, Data Acquisition, Data Control, Data Acquisition And ControlOperator Lockout 5 levels

  • High Speed 9600 Baud 2 Way Communication

  • Total Custom Graphics Using GDW With Historic Replay At Various Speeds

  • Multiple Graphic Displays To Represent All Parameters Bar Graph, Chart Digital or Alpha Numerical Representation

  • Automatically Detects Connected Devices - No Tag List To Define

  • Automatically Creates A Screen On "Instrument Views"

  • Automatically Builds a List box Data Base Of All Instrument Parameters

  • Same Buttons On Instrument Views As On Instruments

  • Multi-Pen Trend Charts Time Scales From 1 Minute to 48 Hours

  • Easy Graphic Tools for Custom Screens Including Bitmap Import And OLE

  • Flexible Recipe system With Long recipe Names And "Snapshot" Feature

  • Data Logging Of Any Instrument Parameter Automatic Trend Chart Printing

  • Log Reports In CSV (comma separated variable) Format For Easy Spreadsheet Import

  • Many Protocols simultaneously

  • Up to 9 Simultaneous Communications Ports

  • User Definable Report Structure

  • Alarm Monitoring And Time Stamping

  • Event Logging for Tracking User Operations

  • Flexible Password Scheme

  • Reassign And Re-Scale Of Trend Chart Pens And Time Axis

  • Printing - Snapshot A Screen to a Full Size Colour Print Out, Including Trends

  • Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) - Link Live Data from Connected Instruments to Other Programs Such As Excel or SPC Package

  • Historical Replay Of Graphical Screens From Logged Data



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