Hard Ceramic Heaters

Hard, Ceramic HeatersHard Ceramic Heaters are used where extremely high process or part temperature are required. Hard Ceramic Heatersare capable of temperatures of 1200ºC or 2200°F. Constructed out of a hard ceramic shell the heater have a Kanthal or Nichrome wire that is first coiled and then placed in a groove. After this is cured and covered with a high temperature cement that prevents the wire from oxidizing.


Hard Ceramic Heaters are available in circular or flat sections, and can be designed in a variety of voltages and watt densities. To form a circular heater they can be supplied in 1 /2 Rounds, 1 /4 Rounds, 6th rounds or 8th rounds. Flat plate heaters are available in various thickness'.


Hard, Ceramic HeatersHard Ceramic Heaters Features:

  • Extremely high temperatures

  • Embedded elements

  • Longer life and durability

  • Various sizes are available

  • Hard ceramic plates with varying thickness

  • Flexible leads or braided leads

  • Various voltages available


Hard Ceramic Heaters Specifications:

  • Dimensions - Flat Plates Max Length 60" Max width 36", Round Heaters any ID Can be manufactured

  • Voltage - 120, 240, 480, or 600 volts

  • Phase - Single or Three phase available

  • Terminations - Leads Braided Uninsulated

  • Wattage - Maximum Up to 30 W/in

  • Maximum Temperature - Up to 2200ºF (1204ºC)

  • Options - Holes, Grooves, Notches, Cutouts, Available

  • Coils - Nicrome wire Embedded or Exposed

  • Accessories - Insulation Blankets 2200ºF, Hard Board Ceramic Insulation, High Temperature wires and connectors

  • Applications - Various types of Furnaces Lab, Tube, Box, Process Heat Radiant, and Conduction.


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