Tower Status Indicator Lights

Tower, Status, Indicator LightsTower Status Indicator Lights are available in 3 type and 3 sizes of indicating lights. Shown here are the medium size that are most commonly used. The smallest are about the size of a 25 cent piece the medium are 52 mm in OD and the larger ones are 56 mm OD and have a prismed lens for long range visibility.


The Mini Tower Status Indicator Lights can only be supplied as a one through four light unit and in a steady light performance.


The Medium Tower Status Indicator Lights are available as a five light stack with each lens being a different color or colours, with a steady light or a flashing light as required and an optional buzzer.


The larger diameter Tower Status Indicator Lights have a pleated rubber insert between the mounting area and the bulbs, reducing the vibration between the light bulbs. And the mounting area. These Tower Status Indicator Lightshave a built in flasher that can be used on any or a11 lights in an assembly.


Tower Status Indicator Lights Features:

  • Complete assembly tower lights

  • Voltages from to 12 to 240 AC or DC

  • Multiple colours to chose from

  • Flashing or steady light with or without buzzer

  • Extremely flexible each lamp wired as required

  • 360 degrees visual status signal

  • Vibration absorbing capability design


Tower Status Indicator Lights Specifications & Design Capabilities

  • Voltages - 24 VDC,12 VDC,120 or 240 VAC

  • Power consumption - 1 Light 0.07A, 2 light 0.14A, 3 light 0.20A 4 Light 0.27A, 5 Light 0.33A

  • Bulb Ratings - AC Models 10 Watts, DC Models 5 Watts

  • Bulb Flash rate - 60 per Minute

  • Switch rating - Recommended AC Models 1 A, DC Models 2A

  • Mounting - Vertical, Horizontal 360 degrees

  • Mounting Bracket - Supplied

  • Options - Base Mount stand, Buzzer

  • Lens Colours - Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Clear



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