Solid State Motor Controllers

Solid State Motor ControllersSolid State Motor Controllers are used in a large variety of applications where motors have to be ramped up to speed or for phase angle control of heaters, pumps, lights, fans etc. Output modules can be selected according to the size of the motor or as needed by the load current. The motor controllers are available as complete packages with overload protection, forward and reversing switches, emergency stops, interlock switches or dynamic braking modules. Most modules are available from stock for next day delivery. Solid State Motor Controllers


Solid State Motor Controllers Features:

  • Control modules for analog control of 3 phase inductive motors

  • Soft starting and stopping

  • LED indications for Line On, Load On, and Supply On

  • High operational voltage up to 690 VACrms

  • Various operational current 3 to 800 AACrms

  • Potential free control input

  • Control current range 0 - 20 or 4 - 20 mA


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