1/8 DIN Fuzzy Logic Controllers For Temperature, Process, Limit Control

1/8 DIN fuzzy logic controllers for temperature, process, limit control come in a wide array of controller configurations: fuzzy logic limit controllers, fuzzy logic process controllers, fuzzy logic alarm controllers, fuzzy logic valve motor controllers, fuzzy logic plastic controllers, fuzzy logic indicator controllers, and fuzzy logic hot runner controllers, from FuzyPro.

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1/8 DIN Fuzzy Logic Controllers From FuzyPro

1/8 DIN, Fuzzy Logic, Temperature Controller, Heat/Cool Controllers

Fuzzy Logic Heat/Cool Controllers are designed to provide precise control with a quick and easy set up procedure. SMT and microprocessor technology provides all these features plus reliability and economy. LED index indication allows full viewing and selection of parameters.

Fuzzy Logic, Digital Indicator, FuzyPro 8010, 1/8 DIN

Fuzzy Logic Digital Indicator Controller Model 8010 microprocessor based digital indicator. Available with red or green displays. One latchable relay is fitted as standard, plug-in modules allow two more alarm relays, PV retransmission or transmitter PSU.

1/8 DIN, Dual, Colour, Fuzzy Logic Digital Indicators, Model 8080

Fuzzy Logic Dual Colour Digital Controllers Model 8080 offers high accuracy temperature or process inputs. The custom designed display is larger than other instruments of this size and can be set to change colour to indicate alarm status.

 1/8 DIN, Fuzzy Logic Process Controller, Model 8100

Fuzzy Logic Process Controller Model 8100 combine's technical functionality, field flexibility and ease of use to give you the best in comprehensive process control.

1/8 DIN, Fuzzy Logic Valve Motor Controller, Model 8170

Fuzzy Logic Valve Motor Controller Model 8170 is a process controller designed specifically to drive valve motors with a unique VMD tuning algorithm.

1/8 DIN, Fuzzy Logic Plastics Controller, Model 8600

Fuzzy Logic Plastics Temperature Controller Model 8600 can measure and display the header unit. Special heater break alarms give early warning of element failure, to protect equipment and product. A soft-start feature is available for process warm up.


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