Smart ITt/c Non Contact Temperature Sensor
from Exergen

Smart ITt/c Non Contact Temperature Sensor from Exergen

Plug and play, linearized, precise accuracy, with integral design which eliminates thermal drift. No leakage current, impedance, or cold junction compensation to worry about.


WARNING - 4-20mA models will only drive 50 ohm impedance, if your input device exceeds 50 ohms, please select a voltage output. The next revision of this product’s PCB will have the change to drive over 250 ohms.

Smart IRt/c Models and Complete Smart IRt/c Family Selection Chart

The fully linearized, compact, rugged infrared temperature sensor, the design allows for accuracy over wide target and ambient temperature ranges where other sensors fail. Low cost, easy to install, and use. The Smart IRt/c's 10 reasons for accuracy is here.

Principles Of Operation: Plug & play, plus simplicity of design compared to other non-contact temperature sensors, no prior knowledge of thermocouples, cold-junction compensation, etc, is needed. Click here to see a comparison of the precalibrated IRt/c and SmartIRt/c's principles of operation.

Wiring Instructions And Alarm Codes:

  1. Complete guide to wiring the SmartIRt/c with alarm codes for troubleshooting.

  2. Threshold Pin Option - The Threshold Pin provides the user with an independent line that goes high (over 5V) whenever the unit has reach the customer selected state. This feature is most commonly used in applications were immediate shut-off or operator intervention is required when a certain temperature is reached.

  3. Alarm Pin Option - The Alarm Pin provides the user with an independent line that goes high (~ 5V) whenever the unit is in an error state.* This feature is useful in applications were immediate "shut-off" is required. There are also applications were the controller cannot determining when the signal line is showing an error message and an independent line is required.

  4. TA Pull Down Pin Option - The TA Pull Down Pin allows the user to select whether the Smart IRt/c™ output the target temperature or the ambient temperature. This is achieved by pulling and holding the pin to ground. For as long as the pin is held low, plus one response time (less then 250 msec), the unit will output ambient temperature, releasing the pin will return the unit to normal operation.

SMARTIRt/c.3 ASSEMBLY DRAWING: Click here for the latest mechanical assembly drawing of the SmartIRt/c.3


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