Digital Scalable Counter or Timer

Digital, Scalable, Counter, TimerThe Digital Scalable Counter or Timer is very versatile and full featured to allow solving most single and dual level timer application problems. The dual 5 digit LED digital displays allow monitoring progress of the process time while also showing the 5 digit setpoint. Separate LED lamps are on the front panel to show whether the unit is functioning as a Counter or Timer and to indicate the Output status. All functions and modes of the Digital Scalable Counter or Timer are programmable from the Front Panel Keys. Outputs are relay and transistor outputs, 8 time ranges, 8 output modes and universal input power of 85 to 264Va. The compact size and screw terminal wiring.


Digital Scalable Counter or Timer Features:  

  • Decimal or sexagesimal operation time UP or time down modes

  • Universal input power 4,5,6, digit time / present display

  • 8 time base ranges

  • 50mA sensor power available

  • 2 amp relay and transistor outputs front panel mode/range selections


Digital Scalable Counter or Timer Specifications:


Counter: Up/Down Inhibit, Command, Individual, Phase
Count Speeds: 30 CPS :16 mS min, 1 KCPS : 0.5 mS min, 2 KCPS : 0.25m5 min, 5 KCPS : 0.1 mS min
Scale: Free Scale Function
Timer Output 2 Modes: Latch Until Reset - Hold Time, Auto recycled End of One Shot - Hold Time, Auto recycled Start of One Shot - Output One, Shot Output-Time until Reset Latch Until Next, Input Timer Output 1 Modes Latch Until Reset, Latch Until output 2 complete One shot At 50 mS
Timer output 1 Mode: Latch Until Reset, Latch until output 2 complete, One Shot at 500 ms
Control Output: SPDT 2A 250 VAC, Open Collector 30 VDC at 100 mAmps
Power: 85 to 264 VAC 5VA Consumption
Timing Ranges: Decimal 9999.95, 999.995, 999995, 99999M, Sexagesima 59 min 59.9 sec, 9 min 59.99 sec,
Reset/Inhibit: External reset/inhibit Min signal width 0.02 Sec, Reset by power off Min Power off time 0.5 Sec
Repeat Accuracy: +/- 0.01 % =/- 0.05 Second Max
Time Value Display: 6 Digit Green LED
Set Value Display: 6 Digit Red LED
Mounting: Front Panel
Termination: Built In screw terminals


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