SA100 PID Temperature Controller From RKC Instrument

SA100, PID, Temperature, Controller, RKC InstrumentThe SA100 is a socket mounting type PID temperature controller and is available for mounting inside panel by easily mounting on DIN rail. The SA100 PID temperature controller has features such as analog retransmission output, advanced self-tuning, alarms, digital communications for networking and digital contact for SV1/SV2 or RUN/STOP functions.


The SA100 PID temperature controller can be easily mounted on a DIN rail with a DIN rail mounting socket. The unit can be removed from the socket for easy maintenance.


  • Simple Mounting on DIN Rail

  • Self-tuning and autotuning

  • Heat/Cool PID action

  • Digital communications with both MODBUS and RKC protocols (Option)

  • Retransmission output (Option)

  • Loop break alarm and temperature alarms (Option)



Instruction Manual


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