Circular Chart Recorder 10" FZY 5000

Circular Chart Recorder 10" FZY 5000

Circular Chart Recorder, 10", FZY 5000The FZY 5000 is a circular chart recorder like no other. Programmable alarm options combined with ease of setup provide the flexibility required for multiple recording applications. The ink style FZY 5000 is the first recorder to self document setup configurations and can operate using standard or competitive charts, another first in the industry. Eliminate multi vendor chart inventories while reducing operator confusion.

Protect your process with the FZY 5000 battery backup option, which provides continuous recording for up to 48 hours in the event of power loss. The thermal print version offers a single chart inventory for all of your recording needs. Print your own chart technology includes real time trend and digital data directly on your historical records.

The FZY 5000 the right choice for recording.

  • No more confusion when replacing charts.

  • No Dip switches for configuration

  • No Manual required for setup

  • Latching or non latching relays

  • Self documents setup configuration

  • Ink or print your own chart style

  • Ink cartridge or thermal printing

  • Uses standard or competitive charts

  • Up to 48hrs of recording during power loss

  • Latching or Non-latching relays UL, CUL, CE


  • Power Line Voltage: 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz

  • Power Consumption: 15VA maximum

  • Input Thermocouple (T/C): Type J, K, T, R, B, S, RTD: PT100 ohm RTD (385curve)

  • Linear: 4-20mA, 1-5VDC, 0-5VDC

  • Range: Per table in manual

  • Common Mode Rejection: > 120dB at 60Hz

  • Cold Junction Accuracy: ±0.2ºC @ 25ºC

  • Ambient Error: ±0.01% span /ºC from 25ºC ambient Isolation inputs share common ground on 2 pen units

  • Input Impedance: Linear = 249 ohm/ TC = 470K ohm

  • Recording Chart Size: 10“

  • Recording Accuracy: ± 0.5% of span (100division span)

  • Sensor Break: Full scale Pen <10 seconds

  • Chart Speed: Configurable

  • Input Filtering: Programmable up to 120 seconds

  • Process Display Option Red LED , 4 digit, .0,40

  • Options Relay: DPDT , 1.0Amps @ 120VAC resistive

  • Relay Program: Process, Band, Non-latching, Latching Error

  • Protection: De-energized during sensor break.

  • Hysteresis: Set at 2units, activation is safe sided

  • Battery Back up: Ink Style: Up to 48hours of recording (optional)

  • Thermal print style: Maintains real time clock only

  • Environmental and Physical Operating Temperature: 0 to 60ºC

  • Storage Temperature: -40 to 65ºCHumidity:0-90% RH (non-condensing)

  • Vibration: 0.3 to 100 Hz @ 0.2 g Mounting: ±20degrees of vertical ± 10 degrees of horizontal

  • Mouldings: Fire retardant Noryl w/acrylic window

  • Panel Rating: Nema 3 std (Nema 4 option)

  • Dimensions: 14.0 (H) x 14.0 (W) x 3.8 (D) 7 pounds maximum

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