Plastic Thermocouples

Plastic ThermocouplesPlastic thermocouples are available for hot runners injection molding machines and extruders.


Plastic thermocouples are made of 301 stainless and use a tube and wire construction utilizing stranded thermocouple cable through out the probe.


Plastic thermocouples are available with various types of leads like Hi temp fiberglass, PVC, SS Braided fiberglass or with Stainless Steel flexible armour cable. Plastic thermocouples are normally rated for low temperature ranges up to a thousand degrees F, however the same construction could be used for higher temperatures.


Plastic thermocouples are also available in metric dimensions for all designs that are required.


Plastic Thermocouples Features:

  • Adjustable depth thermocouples

  • Stainless steel high temp construction

  • J,K,T,E, or N calibrations

  • Grounded, ungrounded or exposed junctions

  • Washer, nozzle, pipe clamp, bayonet cap, shim stock or rt angled

  • High temperature leads, armour, braided, fiberglass or PVC

  • Termination's bare wire, lugs, plugs, jacks


Plastic ThermocouplesPlastic Thermocouples Specifications and Design Capabilities

  • Calibration Types - J, K, T, N, E, R, S, RTD

  • Diameters - Minimum .040" to 3/4" or more

  • Length - 125" minimum

  • Leads - Stainless Braid, SS Armour, PVC, Fiberglass

  • Junctions - Grounded, Ungrounded, Exposed, Dual Isolated

  • Termination - Bare leads, Spade Lugs, Male Plug, Female Jack

  • Bayonet sizes - l0mm, l2mm, l5mm,1/2" etc.

  • Pipe Clamp Sizes - 1 /2 -1.250,1-2.250, 2.250-3.250, 4-5 5-6"

  • Washer Type - No 6, 8, 10, 1 /4", 3/8" or metric

  • Shim Size - 3/4" X 3/4" X .010"

  • Bayonet probe - 3/16" dia 1/2" long

  • Nozzle Thread - 1/4" x 28 UNF 6 mm or M6 x 1

  • Right angled - 1/4" or 3/16" OD various length

When ordering specify style, calibration type, termination and lead length.



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